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Generate unlimited RP and IP!

To get unlimited RP and P for League of Legends you can use this generator. Please enter your summoner's name and choose your region then choose the amount of RP and IP you want to generate and click Generate button.

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Note: you can do max. 100,000 each day.
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Note: you can do max. 100,000 each day.
Status & Updates

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League of Legends Hack Update Log

5 October, 2016 Patch 6.20 update.

23 March to 25 September, 2016 Patches 6.5-6.19 compatibility updates. Safety&Security improvements.

26 February, 2016 Patch 6.4.

10 February, 2016 Patch 6.3. Further improvements and bugs fixed.

30 January, 2016 Uptaded to work with patch 6.1 and 6.2.

4 January, 2016 Bugs fixed. Stability improvement and compatibility optimization.

20 December, 2015 Scripts optimization.

13 December, 2015 Patch 5.24 compatibility. Faster Riot Points generation..

26 November, 2015 Patches 5.19, 5.20, 5.21, 5.22, 5.23. Fixed bugs and compatibility with new patches.

15 September, 2015 Patch 5.18. New security scripts, fixes.

2 September, 2015 Patch 5.17. Script improvements.

20 August, 2015 Errors fixed. Better stability. and updated to Patch 5.16.

5 August, 2015 Patch 5.15.

23 July, 2015 Updated to work with Patch 5.14.

9 July, 2015 Compatibility with League of Legends Patch 5.13.

1 July, 2015 SSL connection added. Connection is now fully encrypted, so generator is super safe.


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Recent Comments

Aaron said:

Holy moly, it is really working haha. Thank you! please keep it working as long as possible. I hope you will and you will increase limit of maximum generated at once. Best wishes from US ;)

Posted about 3 hours ago

Betri18 said:

works! hate that verification surveys but after them i've got 10k RP! NA SERVER wroking confirmed!! great stuff

Posted 1 hour ago

jessie1998 said:

please delete that surveys for the future, anyway i completed some and it generated riot points as promised :) so if someone is using it quick tip - select the maximum amount to generate because next time you will have to completed next surveys, but it works and WORTH IT

Posted 34 minutes ago